Shop Sustainable at River Park Square

Jan 1, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

At River Park Square, we take pride in our merchants' commitment to sustainability. Our stores are dedicated to offering clean, vegan, and cruelty-free items, contributing to a more ethical and environmentally friendly shopping experience.

Aveda aims to be at the forefront of sustainable packaging in the beauty industry. In 2022, Aveda was granted the Leaping Bunny Approval by Cruelty-Free International.

All hand soaps made by Bath & Body Works are now free of sulfates, parabens, or dyes; made with natural essential oils, vitamin E, shea extract, and aloe; and sold in bottles that are at least 50% recycled plastic. The retailer also now offers hand soap refits for its “Gentle and Clean Foaming” formula in six fragrances, packaged in a 100% recyclable carton that provides up to 3.6 refills and sells a refillable glass decanter. The reformulated hand soaps and refills are available at stores, online, and through the Bath & Body Works loyalty app.

Did you know that Flatstick Pub exclusively serves beers brewed within the state of Washington? On Sundays, they donate a portion of their game sales to various charitable organizations. The Spokane location, for example, donates to Volunteers of America.

Support over 120+ local Spokane artists and makers with From Here. By shopping locally, you can help reduce the carbon footprint that comes with shipping.

Lush provides a range of naked products that don't come with packaging. These products include shampoos, conditioners, and skincare items. Additionally, they have the Charity Pot Lotion, where all proceeds are donated to organizations that promote animal, human, and environmental rights.

Did you know Nike has a recycling program called "Nike Grind?" This program recycles old shoes and turns them into new apparel. Additionally, Nike is committed to utilizing sustainable materials in their shoe designs.

Nordstrom has a strong dedication to promoting sustainability by increasing the availability of sustainably sourced and made products, utilizing responsibly farmed, recycled, and manufactured materials, and reducing the usage of plastic shopping bags by 50%.

Sephora has collaborated with Pact Collective to launch a recycling initiative named (Re)Purposed. The aim of this program is to reduce the amount of beauty packaging that ends up in landfills and oceans. With Beauty (Re)Purposed customers can bring their empty beauty packaging to any Sephora store, regardless of the brand, and give their beauty products a second chance.

The North Face has launched a program called The North Face Renewed, aimed at providing a second chance to previously owned gear. Customers can bring in their old The North Face gear and receive a $10 discount on their next purchase. The company will refurbish the used gear, giving it a new life on the trails. If refurbishing is not possible, the items will be either recycled or donated as part of their commitment to circularity.

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