Where Cake Meets Flowers: Celebrating 50 years of River Park Square in a "delicious" way!

May 1, 2024 - Jul 5, 2024

Welcome to a whimsical universe where old-school birthdays collide with futuristic flair! Our adventure began with a sprinkle of nostalgia for River Park Square's 50-year history, blended with the everlasting magic of Expo 74. Picture a colossal Alice in Wonderland custom built cake, decked out in handcrafted intricate paper blooms fit for a fairy tale!

Our goal was to sprinkle a dash of playfulness into this festive marvel, all while staying true to our eco-friendly vibes. So, we jazzed up the scene with lively potted flowers, creating a dreamy blend of creativity and green thinking.

Visit this delicious display in the Atrium of River Park Square until July 4!

Meet the Artists

Arlene Guerra of Voewe Flower

Envisioning a floral experience that marries artistry with high fashion, our motto 'Where flowers meet fashion' guides all our work. Specializing in hospitality, corporate events, flower bars, and art installations featuring oversized handcrafted custom paper blooms, They're known for innovation and elegance.

With a background in luxury design and collaborations with top retailers like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as locally in the beloved Davenport Hotel. She brings a unique perspective to floral design, particularly in retail activations.

With over two decades of hospitality experience in cities like San Francisco and New York City, they're experts in crafting unforgettable floral experiences. She prioritizes sustainability by sourcing from local flower farms, ensuring freshness while supporting our community's floral landscape. To see what Arlene is up to, visit voeweflower.com or visit her Instagram @voeweflower.

Danielle Loft of The Mindful Haven

Danielle Loft, a self-taught DIY enthusiast and content creator, incorporates creativity as a therapeutic avenue on her Instagram platform. Recognized for leading the renovation of her home and designing distinctive pieces such as a chicken coop "castle" and the widely recognized Groot Halloween costume, she holds a prominent position within the DIY community. By immersing herself in renovations and home decor projects, she effectively channels artistic expression.

With six years of experience in project sharing and power tool utilization, Danielle's work stands out for its thrifty and out-of-the-box approach. As a wife and mother of three boys, she has built a growing presence on social media, and is dedicated to inspiring individuals to step out of their comfort zones, embrace the use of power tools, regardless of their prior experience, and craft a home they cherish on any budget.

Residing proudly in Spokane, Danielle's path demonstrates a commitment to innovation, resilience, and ongoing development, positioning her as a prominent influencer in the creative field.

Explore Danielle’s latest projects, DIY creations, and valuable tips to elevate your own creative pursuits by following her on Instagram @themindfulhaven. For inquiries regarding home design assistance and collaborations, feel free to contact Danielle via Instagram.

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